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Who we are​

Our origin is science. We are a multidisciplinary team from medicine, product, science, technology and design. Some of us are based in our home-town, Lübeck. Our office is 15 minutes away from the Baltic Sea and 5 minutes away from the center of Lübeck, a city that is UNESCO world heritage. Some of us live across Germany and come to Lübeck from time to time. We believe how we work is more important than where we work. But we also believe that spending personal time with each other helps to build relationship, which is why each of us comes to Lübeck from time to time to enjoy work and the city. ​ ​

Since science is at our heart. We don’t like gibberish. We put product and people first and ego last.

What we do​

Our origin is science. Our mission is to apply science and technology to enable “healthy aging”. Our body and mind are steered by our hormonal, immune, central nervous and vascular systems. Our lifestyle decisions determine the actions of these systems and while “activity” or “sleep” are key elements our “nutrition” is the biggest lever to “healthy aging”.​ ​

With our product MillionFriends Original we have created an innovative and effective nutrition program. With sinCephalea we have developed a modern and effective Digital Health Application for the therapy of migraine. Without risks and side effects.​ ​

​ Our vision is to deliver “healthy aging” to everyone on the planet through technology with personalized nutrition at its core.

How we do it​

We value critical thinking and rigorous analysis. Our products are subject to clinical evaluation and we strive to place the same rigor on our decisions. We are a startup that builds digital therapeutics solutions, using the latest technology. This is an incredibly dynamic and complex environment. We value ownership and focus on results. Our team members come from various disciplines and backgrounds. In such an environment, curiosity is usually a better start than an opinion. ​ ​ We believe that private life must not be fitted into a job. Rather, they should be in sync. Working on something you love is a great start. Doing it with people you value and like makes it usually more enjoyable. And having a great toolset makes it smooth. We want you to be at your best, when you’re at work which is why we make sure, that you have the right setup for it.

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Founder and CEO​

"Part of my motivation to found Perfood was to create a workplace, where people love to work"
"For me, Perfood is a great employer. Many exciting projects and a great team allow me to work in a varied way. Thank you for the flexibility and the pleasant working atmosphere."


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Marketing Product Manager

"Working at Perfood means being involved in product creation and development from the very beginning. I can develop myself in a creative way and always learn something new."
"Our goal of supporting people to become and stay healthy through nutrition motivates me every day. I enjoy the open and supportive cooperation with my colleagues and appreciate the short decision-making processes. "


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