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Truly healthy nutrition starts with what you really need. Your body, your mind, your spirit. Our personalized nutrition program MillionFriends, analyzes and recommends the ideal individual nutrition. A truly scientific program, that puts the person in the center, not the food. Together with partners from the food and health care industries, we develop advanced nutritional solutions to serve people with healthy, convenient and affordable nutritional products.


Discover your ideal nutrition

With MillionFriends, we developed a truly scientific approach together with the University of Lubeck, one of Germany‘s leading life science Universities.

Based on continuous glucose and gut microbiome analyses, we reveal those exact very few meals, that make up 80% of health problems. Our recommendations enable our participants to make the right nutritional and lifestyle choices to substantially improve their health and body weight easily and sustainably.

Discover MillionFriends

MillionFriends Medical

Our personalized nutritional
therapy program

MillionFriends Medical is the conservative therapy program to mitigate obesity, diabetes mellitus type 2 and associated major diseases.

We address patients when conservative nutritional therapies are most effective: at moderate metabolic disorders and before diseases have fully developed.

Perfood Nutrition

Product analysis and R&D from an angle of nutritional medicine

Healthy nutrition must be personalized and with medical objectives of humans at the core. We analyse your product portfolio and prepare your R&D for a world of healthy nutrition. With our real-life testing approach, we provide indepth analysis of your products on

  • Associated blood sugar responses 

  • Gut microbiome composition and impact

  • Consumer preferences

Within weeks you receive significant and actionable insights on your product portfolio.

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