Prescription digital therapeutics.

Software as medicine. Nutrition as the active ingredient.

About us

Perfood is research-oriented digital therapeutics company. We develop innovative solutions to prevent and treat diseases by using personalized low-glycemic diet as a digital biomarker and „active ingredient“. Our approach has its roots in the Institute for Nutritional Medicine at the University of Lubeck, one of Germany’s premier medical schools.

glucose metabolism

The glucose metabolism has been linked to weight gain and systemic inflammation. Strong variation in glycemic responses have been associated with several diseases, such as Type 2 Diabetes, obesity, migraines, PCOS, psoriasis and many more. Generalized low-glycemic dietary interventions have shown short-term results but failed to deliver lasting effectiveness. 

At Perfood, we have developed a unique approach by giving personalized low-glycemic diet recommendations and embedding it into diseases-specific digital coaching programs. As a result, we observe lasting adherence and effectiveness. 

How does it work?

Our prescription digital therapeutics are reimbursed by German Statutory Health Insurance groups and many private insurance groups.

Just like a drug, physicians may prescribe a digital therapy from Perfood. The first product available for prescription will be sinCephalea for treating episodic migraine, starting soon. Join our waiting list to stay updated.

How much does it cost?

As a patient, digital therapeutics from Perfood are fully covered by your Statutory Health Insurance group. This means, that no or only very little additional cost are incurred for patients. All digital therapeutics products are also available as self-paid products in case your private insurance group does not reimburse digital therapeutics.

Want to learn more?

Our products follow a rigorous clinical evaluation process. Our studies create an opportunity to be among the first to benefit from our innovative digital therapeutics and to make a contribution in bringing them to underserved patient groups. We conduct studies at various study sites and complete remote accompanied by telemedical consultations. Want to learn more about our trials? Let’s have a chat.  

Take control of your weight and wellbeing

MillionFriends is the lifestyle and prevention product developed by Perfood. Our leading technology for personalized low-glycemic diet together with digital coaching, on- and offline experiences and community events help you to become the best version of yourself. MillionFriends is currently available in Germany. 

Balance your brain’s energy

The personalized stable-glycemic diet based on our proven Nutrilytics™ technology, helps you to balance your brain’s energy supply and prevent migraines before they happen. With a continuous glucose sensor, specific test meals and detailed analysis, we guide you to discover the ideal nutrition for a life without headache.