Prescription digital therapeutics.

Software as medicine. Nutrition as active substance.

How does it work?

Our prescription digital therapeutics are reimbursed by German Statutory Health Insurance groups and many private insurance groups. Digital therapeutics may be prescribed as stand-alone therapy or in combination with conventional drugs. Our products all have features to track medication intake, symptoms and many other factors. Physicians may receive a summary report from patients that shows progression of disease and development of key markers in a clear format.

How much does it cost?

Digital therapeutics from Perfood are covered by all German Statutory Health Insurance groups under the Digital Care Act.

Digital therapeutics are listed as supportive care tool by health insurance groups. 

Want to learn more?

Just like a drug, physicians may prescribe a digital therapy from Perfood. The first product available for prescription will be sinCephalea for treating episodic migraine, starting in 2021. 

With digital therapeutics, physicians provide patients with state-of-the-art treatments as an alternative or add-on to conventional drugs.

Our products follow a rigorous science-drive development process that is backed by real-world and clinical evidence.