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Perfood data at conferences

In the past two years, our research and solutions were covered by more than 300 media contributions. Our team has been sought after for expert advice on personalized nutrition and medicine. We are grateful to be allowed to contribute to making scientific knowledge available for a broad audience and help people to live a better life by taking sound decisions for their health and wellbeing.

Please find some examples of our media coverage.

"Thema: Diät"

RTL Nord (German TV). Oktober 2020.

"Du denkst, was Du isst"

SWR (German TV). September 2020.

"Gen-, Keto-, Darmdiät: Experte erklärt, was hilft und was Sie sich sparen können"

Focus (German News Mag). August 2019.

"Digital abnehmen"

Süddeutsche Zeitung (German countrywide Newspaper).
June 2019.

"Studie: Neue Therapien gegen Übergewicht?" NDR VISITE

ARD (largest German TV station). June 2018.