Balance your brain’s energy.

With sinCephalea – prescription digital therapeutics.

Brain and energy

The human brain is an exceptional creation. It fires trillions of neurons in milliseconds. It computes x-times as fast as modern computers. It gathers vast amounts of information and selects the most relevant to base our decisions on. And whereas the human brain makes up on average only 3.5% of our body weight, it consumes over 20% of the energy we use.

Brain energy and migraine

Our hormonal system manages energy levels of our brain. Our brain thrives best on stable energy supply. Variations in blood glucose cause energy fluctuations in our brain. For some of us, this causes migraine attacks…

stable-glycemic diet

The personalized stable-glycemic diet based on our proven Nutrilytics™ technology, helps you to balance your brain’s energy supply and prevent migraines before they happen. With a continuous glucose sensor, specific test meals and detailed analysis, we guide you to discover the ideal nutrition for a life without headache.

More than personalized diet

sinCephalea is more than personalized diet. During a three months lasting program, we guide you to take on habits, that could make migraine attacks history. Take advantage of features that have been scientifically proven and get the best-in-class digital therapy to treat migraine. Whereas this therapeutic program is fully digital, we provide you with 7-day-per-week premier support from our trained experts.

Side-effects? Metabolic health

Benefit from side-effects of personalized stable-glycemic diet, such as reduction in metabolic inflammation, improved body weight and reduction in cardiovascular disease risk.

What customers say

“Since I completed the program , my migraine is basically gone.”

Christina A.

28, Regensburg

“Not only my migraine is substantially reduced, I also lost 6kg and feel energetic and healthy.”

Stephanie G.

36, Berlin

“I am still astonished what personalized nutrition can achieve.”

Sabine M.

46, Heidelberg