For Researchers

From day one, we have been collaborating with academic partners. In fact, Perfood was founded at the Institute for Nutritional Medicine at the University of Lubeck in Germany.

At Perfood, we are conducting research and studies, where we act as sponsor. We also collaborate with academic in commercial partners in research funding programs such as Horizon Europe or federal grant programs.
To flexibly serve our scientific partners’ needs, we have launched a dedicated research app – Perfood Labs. Perfood Labs runs on our core platform technology and benefits from all measures we take in quality assurance, data protection and data security. Perfood Labs is a medical device-grade app and available to our scientific partners. We provide Perfood Labs free of charge to academic partners.

Perfood has worked as trusted partner with leading academic institutions.

Selected partners:

Case study:

The University of Lubeck together with Leibniz Lung Center Borstel wanted to conduct an epidemiological study on the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic and drivers of local outbreaks. Perfood provided a medical device-grade app to conduct patient reported outcomes and link them to lab results such as Covid-19 PCR and antibody tests. The study was launched within 4 weeks upon project initiation with more than 15,000 subjects. 

Case study:

The Universities of Lubeck and Hohenheim together with the Leibniz Centre Borstel are researching opportunities for digital biomarker for diagnosis and treatment of food intolerances and allergies. Perfood provides a study app that links lab results with patient reported outcomes and wearable data. The project has been funded with approx. 3 million Euro by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany. The study is currently recruiting participants.