Driven by science. Putting patients first.

Everyday, we strive for excellence. For your health.

We are scientists at our heart. Driven by truth. Believing in innovation.

Born out of Germany’s leading Life Science University at the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Leadership Team

Dr. med. Christoph Twesten


Christoph is physician and technologist at heart. He has been building software since childhood and served patients at one of Germany's leading University Hospitals. Christoph leads our patient-centric digital therapeutics development teams. With his strict focus and attention to detail, Christoph has championed the development of our patent-pending Nutrilytics™ technology.

Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat.
Torsten Schröder


With PhD degrees in both, medicine and molecular biology, numerous clinical trials and publications in prestigious journals, Torsten leads our R&D through our rigorous clinical studies and translates latest science into state-of-the-art application. He gained experience in leading scientific institutions all over the planet, such as Germany, Spain, Australia and the USA.

Dominik Burziwoda


Curiosity at heart, rigorous analysis as foundation and drive for solving problems, Dominik leads Perfood as our CEO. With degrees in quantitative finance and law from Europe’s leading Universities and over 10 years of experience in investing and management Dominik ascertains regulatory compliance and sustainable development to help patients today and tomorrow.

Dr. oec. troph. Gianna Kühn


Translating nutrition into therapy, Gianna leads our most ambitious research & development projects. Assuring that everything we ship to our patients, is backed by rigorous science and has the potential to deliver prime effectiveness.

Dr. rer. nat. Oliver Witt

Data Science

Oliver leads our data science team, developing cutting edge technology to push the boundaries of innovation. For treatments as precise as humanly possible with astonishing effectiveness.

Kim Asmussen


Kim has over 15 years of experience in leading product development teams. He has been shipping user-centric technology products that became core features of daily life and delighted millions of people.