Take control of your weight.

With MillionFriends

Personalized diet

Find out which foods you should avoid to assure stable blood glucose levels and avoid binge eating and metabolic inflammation. Fully personalized and highly precise. Using a blood glucose sensor together with our breakthrough Nutrilytics™ technology, MillionFriends guides you to discover your ideal personal nutrition. Observe your physical reaction in real time.

Personal advice and premier support

Take advantage of premier support during your journey to get the most out of your personalized nutrition program. Get personal advice to perfectly integrate your results in your lifestyle and achieve sustainable success.

Microbiome health

What is the impact of your gut microbiome – your MillionFriends – on your metabolism? Find out more with our state-of-the-art analysis using modern RNA sequencing technology and latest science. Get food recommendations that promote gut microbiome health.


  • Durable success: Over 80% of participants adhere to their MillionFriends recommendations even after two years upon completion.
  • Improved body weight: More than 93% of all participants achieve improved body weight.
  • Healthy metabolism: On average blood glucose levels improve by 21%.

What customers say

“With MillionFriends I found out, that healthy eating is easy, tastes great and sometimes is surprising.”

Maria S.

29, Regensburg

“With MillionFriends, I have learned more about nutrition in 2 weeks than in 6 years of studies before.”

Melanie V.

32, Hamburg

“MillionFriends just simply changed my life.”

Claudia M.

52, Munich

1) Randomized analysis on real-world data among over 122 MillionFriends participants and 13 repetitive participants, Feb. 2020