Pushing the borders

Breakthrough therapeutics at the intersection of software and biotechnology.

It’s all in you.
What makes you sick,
what makes you healthy.

More than 80% of all diseases are related to nutrition. Over 3.2 billion people suffer from these disease. The glucose metabolism plays a central role in many of them. At Perfood, we are developing digital prevention and therapeutics solutions to alleviate these disease. We apply proprietary technology for personalized low-glycemic diet as „active ingredient“ in our digital therapeutics. Our vision is to enable healthy aging in all of us. Our mission is to develop effective treatments that promote overall health and provide lasting treatment effects.

Perfood was founded in 2017 at the Institute for Nutritional Medicine at the University of Lubeck, one of Germany’s leading medical schools. We were the first to ever use personalized nutrition based on continuous glucose monitoring in non-diabetic patients.
We have launched the first studies on personalized nutrition and migraines. We also launched some of the largest randomized controlled clinical trials on nutrition as treatment for diseases other than diabetes.
Today, we work with various academic partners across Europe. Our medical advisory boards consist of some of the most recognized experts in their respective fields.
Perfood is supported by leading venture capital investors, public development banks and German family offices. Some of our investors look back at more than 100 years of family business history. This mix of investors also shapes us: taking risks, being ambitious, building for future generations and making an impact to society.

Our Values


All our products are rooted in deep science. We conduct multiple studies at various stages of our product development and commercialization process. We believe that science will always succeed ultimately.


Our treatments are personalized and personable. We don’t teach, we enable. We don’t direct, we guide. We understand that everyone is different. The most effective treatments must be tailored to everyone of us.


We believe that everyone wants to be healthy. Our mission is to make it as simple as possible to be healthy. It’s that simple.


Our patients share very personal data with us. They rely on us to get the best treatment for their health. “Medical Confidentiality” is the foundation of each patient relationship.