Our digital therapy products are born from science. We make them relevant, applicable and effective by collaborating with leading scientists, healthcare providers, insurance firms – and most importantly, the people who we strive to help.

Our dedicated advisory board is one our most valuable assets. It ensures our products integrate effectively into therapy schemes and address the real needs of patients and of healthcare stakeholders.

Scientific Board

In addition to our indication-specific advisory boards, we are supported by medical and scientific experts who help to advance our technologies for therapy effective personalized nutrition and digital biomarkers. Meet some of our advisors.

Prof. Dr. med. Christian Sina

Professor Sina is a leading researcher in nutritional medicine. He is Director of the Institute of Nutritional Medicine and Head of the Section, Nutritional Medicine, University of Lübeck, Germany. Professor Sina is at the forefront of translating research into nutritional concepts. He has published in leading journals, such as Nature and Gut and is president of the German Society of Mucosal Immunology and Microbiome. He is also co-publisher of the leading German nutritional medicine journal.

Prof. Dr. Ing. Marcin Grzegorzek

Professor Grzegorzek is a leading researcher on pattern recognition, deep learning and neural networks. He has published more than 100 papers in these fields and championed the development of advanced solutions in the field of atomic activities.

Dr. rer. nat. Axel Künstner

Dr. Künstner is a data science, genetics and microbiome researcher. He has been immersed for over 20 years with the challenges related to genomics and data science. He has held positions with leading universities and research institutions such as the Max Planck Institute.