Our studies and projects




Clinical studies

Medical science is part of our DNA. We regularly conduct clinical studies to prove the efficacy of our products in a clinical setting. Clinical studies are conducted and evaluated by renowned universities, experienced medical practices and scientists.


With our certified medical device sinCephalea, we have created the possibility to successfully treat migraine digitally and with nutrition. Initial data indicate a reduction in symptoms of more than 35%. This indicates a very high level of efficacy. To validate these findings, a randomized controlled clinical study with the University Hospital in Lübeck will take place in 2021. It will be the first completely digital nutrition study for migraine patients. Once approved as a Digital Health Application (DiGA), sinCephalea will be available on prescription at no additional cost.


Successfully lowering blood sugar with nutrition while also doing something for cardiovascular health? MillionFriends for metabolic health aims to make this possible. Our preliminary studies show that overweight and obesity can be treated and elevated blood glucose levels can be lowered sustainably. Together with Prof. Dr. med. Aberle and the Diabetes Center Hamburg West (www.dzhw.de), we are planning a clinical study with type 2 diabetes patients.

Application Testing

We conduct numerous application trials to develop new therapeutic products for various indications. We work closely with the patients concerned and the physicians treating them, so that future users can help shape their product right from the start. Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to create health and well-being with nutrition and free of drug side effects.



Successfully treat psoriasis with a personalized diet and have less itching? That is our goal. Find out together with us how we achieve this goal.



Polycystic ovary syndrome is a complex hormonal disorder that can lead to increased body weight, irregular menstrual cycles, and increased hair and skin problems. Despite the high burden on those affected, there is currently no specific therapy. We want to close this gap with personalized nutrition. Are you affected? Then help us develop it and take part in our application trial.


Do you want to reduce the burden of migraine?In addition to our migraine study, you now have another opportunity to use our certified medical product sinCephalea free of charge before market launch. Take this opportunity to learn more about the impact of your diet and blood sugar on migraines.



What do diabetes patients need to successfully support their therapy with nutrition? We have found this out with >100 patients and can now develop targeted products and conduct successful clinical trials.

Product testing

You would like to use the numerous advantages of MillionFriends free of charge and test interesting products from our partners?



Healthy nutrition and the optimal utilization of food influence the energy supply of the body. This nutrient absorption takes place in the gut. Thus, it is indirectly involved in the processes in all other organs. An optimal supply of nutrients is the basis for physical and mental well-being. The nutritional supplement SAMANA®FORCE supports you in this.



Carbohydrates are a basic building block of our diet. But not every carbohydrate has the same effect on your body. Some carbohydrates are digested more slowly than others. As a result, they provide your body with energy more evenly. Blood sugar fluctuations are avoided and physical and mental performance is positively influenced. These effects are the focus of the BENEO study edition.